Innovating together

JLL and MIT are creating a tech tracker that catalogues the technologies transforming real estate and how they can be used today.

JLL + MIT partner on CRE tech tracker

Ben Breslau, JLL’s Chief Research Officer for the Americas, and Dr. Andrea Chegut, MIT REIL Director, Research Scientist talk about JLL and MIT’s collaboration to study and drive the future of real estate

JLL is a founding partner of MIT's Real Estate Innovation Lab, a research and development lab for the built environment.

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JLL + MIT partner on MIT Tech Tracker

What is a hybrid workplace?

In this video, JLL and MIT experts define hybrid work.

What is sustainable technology?

JLL and MIT discuss what is considered to be sustainable technology in the built environment.

How does health and wellbeing technology make an impact?

JLL and MIT discuss technology related to wellness in commercial real estate.

How has the built environment changed due to data and analytics?

JLL and MIT experts discuss how data impacts commercial real estate.

If robots run everything, do we need humans?

JLL and MIT experts weigh in on humans and robots.