Client story

JLL helps non-profit organization optimize their office portfolio

JLL helped to navigate a three-step process to eliminate cost overruns and maximize efficiency through thorough understanding, adjusted project spending, phased construction, and cutting-edge tech integration.


United States


more than 100 office locations


Project and design services, project management, carbon footprint measurement, FM technology

A large confidential non-profit client realized their offices were not meeting the changing needs of their workforce or operating at a high level. They sought a real estate services provider that could improve their working environment and manage the national facilities portfolio of approximately 101 office locations across the United States.

Adapting solid plans to unexpected challenges

The client engaged JLL before the pandemic and worked collaboratively to develop a standard office model for each location with flexibility to incorporate programmatic elements reflective of each local office. Brand identity elements are consistently applied across the portfolio, reinforcing the client’s established brand promise among its employees and office visitors.

As renovation projects began, the schedules were impacted by pandemic-related building material and labor shortages on the part of the construction contractors, as well as supply chain delivery issues. As owner’s project manager, JLL mitigated the challenge to the schedules and protected worker health by developing a complete critical path project schedule that created safe work zones for construction personnel and subcontractors so they could perform their work within the safe social distancing mandates that were in place during that time. By isolating work performed by different trade contractors and shifting to the critical path, all project deadlines were ultimately met.

With a thorough understanding of the situation the construction industry was facing, JLL adjusted the project spend to front load all planned costs needed for the projects, eliminating any change orders that would cause cost overruns.

“During COVID we performed excellently,” said JLL Account Lead Terry Odom. “We were the only ones traveling to get the build outs completed on time.”

To maintain continuity of work for the client, JLL managed the construction projects in phases, closely coordinated several staff moves, and scheduled much of the work to be completed during non-business hours.

A Portland, Oregon office project was further challenged by social unrest during construction. The JLL team put a plan in place to deliver the project on-time and under-budget, saving the client as much as $200,000 in the process.

On average, JLL’s Project and Development Services team manages about 40 construction projects for the client each year, covering about 600,000 square feet of Class A office space.

The client is also embarking on a real estate sustainability journey and engaged JLL to provide sustainability advisory services focused on first measuring the carbon footprint at all of their locations across the US, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Operations gains follow project successes

Leveraging the CenterStone computer-aided facility management (CAFM) functionality for space planning, occupancy, and move management in the early stages, the JLL team is also utilizing its pre-integrated tools for building operations, asset tracking, and lease management essentials.

At the start of the project, CenterStone software and Infogrid occupancy sensors were utilized together so that JLL’s facilities management teams have access to real-time data on the entirety of the real estate portfolio. The team can measure space efficiency and quickly identify vacant and underutilized space so that appropriate adjustments can be made to improve utilization and identify consolidation opportunities.

For work order management, JLL’s Facilities Management team is using Corrigo software to track maintenance requests, proactive asset maintenance, and vendor management activities.

Through the management of construction projects, facilities operations, and sustainability advisory services JLL has delivered significant savings for the client and aligned their real estate with their strategic objectives.

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