Client story

Global bank surpasses ambitious energy savings goals 

Cuts carbon emissions by 50%, delivering on its 10-year energy reduction goal more than 3 years ahead of schedule


$100 million in cost avoidance 


50% reduction in CO2 emissions


Achieved publicly stated sustainability goals three years ahead of schedule


A major international financial institution aspired to drastically reduce their global energy consumption. Sustainability has been in the fabric of the client’s DNA for more than a decade and in 2010, they publicly stated goals of reducing global energy consumption by 2-3% annually as well as reducing carbon emissions by 40% per full-time employee.


We proposed a broad facilities management-led no/low-cost and capital sustainability program to reduce both energy consumption and carbon emissions over a 10-year period.


With guidance from JLL, the client created a comprehensive global organization to drive sustainability goals throughout their organization. They appointed a global sustainability lead, regional leads, energy champions and managers, all of whom then engaged 1,800 facilities staff on the account.


Prior to our partnership, the client tracked their utility and waste data using spreadsheets. By implementing JLL’s technology tools and dashboards, they were able to visualize utility cost and consumption, carbon emissions, waste streams and project pipelines. The tools delivered scalability and allowed for new ways of displaying and understanding projects. Leveraging our existing technology provided simple, efficient and low-cost development and adoption.


The use of reporting and engagement tools provided much-needed data transparency at every level of the organization and gave leadership confidence that they would hit their energy-saving goals. ​

Additionally, we were able to benchmark more than 80% of the client’s global utility bills, providing cloud-based dashboards of a building’s optimal vs. actual performance in addition to monthly bill data. Benchmarking data indicated savings potential and informed the evaluation of projects in the pipeline.


Our Sustainable Operations solution offered cost savings and a pathway to reaching the client's targets by deploying a globally consistent program across 4,500 properties in 50 countries. The team’s deep understanding of the client's goals and rigorous program enabled them to deliver on its 10-year energy reduction goal more than 3 years ahead of schedule - cutting carbon emissions by 50%.

In addition, the client was able to:

  • Achieve cumulative savings of more than 1000 GWh, equating to more than $100 million of cost avoidance since the start of the partnership ​
  • Save enough energy to power its 1-million-square-foot headquarters for 24 years ​
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 50%
  • Reduce water consumption by 54%
  • Achieve $10 million per year in water cost avoidance
  • Reduce overall waste volumes by 72%
  • Eliminate single-use plastics in catering ​
  • Eliminate 21 million plastic cups per year in the United Kingdom alone
Learn more about JLL’s Sustainable Operations program.
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