Renovating to create memorable game days

The Detroit Lions upgraded their space to boost
the game day experience for fans in time for the season


Completed in nine months


Saved over $400K in budget

Square Feet

205,900 SF

Creating an exciting space to boost the fan experience

In order to remain competitive in the league, the Detroit Lions wanted to provide fans with a more memorable game day experience, all in time for the start of the 2017 football season. We were chosen to provide project management services for Ford Field’s stadium renovations, including complete updates to the suites and club levels.

We coordinated all project activities including lighting, sound system, scoreboards and installation of several new restaurants. Working with our Synergy global purchasing partners, we were able to help the Detroit Lions save over $400,000 in budget by engaging our lighting vendors to provide alternate fixtures that achieved the intended aesthetic and functionality. While these projects typically take two years to complete, the Ford Field team was able to accomplish this in just nine months.