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Rolling out the red carpet for AMC’s guests


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2,421 screens | 216,000 seats

Eight years ago, AMC Theatres partnered with us to invigorate its movie theatres across the U.S. –and we’ve been rolling out the red carpet for its guests ever since.

This iconic movie exhibition company, the largest in the world, first came to us because it desperately needed a makeover. After 90 years in the business, its theatres looked outdated and worn. With more movie options available on demand, AMC needed to give their guests a good reason to leave the comfort of their own couches. Energized by their ambition, we partnered with the company to transform the guest experience and make the movie theatre a new destination in the digital age.

Together, we rebranded and renovated theatres across the U.S., offering the following three types of experiences:

  • AMC Amazing Theatres: From spacious rocking seats and luxury recliners to innovative menus and premium offerings like IMAX, Dolby Cinema and Prime at AMC, these theatres offer guests a premium movie experience.
  • AMC Classic: These classic movie theatres offer some of the basics guests have come to expect, but they also include enhanced items including Coca-Cola freestyle machines, pretzel bites, nachos, and refillable popcorn.
  • AMC Dine-In: Featuring movies with a menu, these theatres are equipped with full kitchens, offering everything from full-service dining to express pickup. Guests can enjoy a wide range of innovative menu items, drinks, and desserts –all from the comfort of their movie seats.

No matter which type of theatre a guest visits, they will receive enhanced concession options in a revitalized space, with several locations offering plush luxury heated recliners, a MacGuffins cocktail bar, online ticketing options, reserved seating capabilities and more.

Going global

After successfully revitalizing the movie theatre experience in the U.S., we are now helping AMC transform its newly acquired ODEON Cinemas Group theatres in Europe by implementing the same program. Through its Odeon subsidiary, AMC operates in 14 European countries and is the number one theatre chain in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States.