Client story

Ag Resource Management expands in Denver Tech Center

An agriculture financing company creates a collaborative work space reflective of their culture with room to grow.


5975 S. Quebec Street Centennial, CO 80111

Ag Resource Management (ARM) plays a vital role in supporting American farmers. They provide agricultural financing, offering farmers strong backing to secure capital and insurance they need to keep their farms going. 

While ARM’s mission supports the backbone of one of America’s greatest industries, it wasn’t long ago that it was rapidly growing out of its coworking space in Highlands Ranch. Leading into the 2019 season, ARM expanded with 10 new offices across the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. ARM’s staff count in metro Denver rose from two in the summer of 2018 to almost 20 by the spring of 2019 as personnel for Finance, Operations, Risk and Capital Markets were brought on to support the company’s growth.

According to Ed Mennona, Director of Risk and Operations, it became increasingly difficult for the team to collaborate with each other as they grew in their coworking space. They were in separate offices and created make-shift conference rooms and a break room out of typical workspaces, which were inefficient and expensive. 

ARM needed help but didn’t have much experience working directly with commercial real estate brokers. Mennona said as soon as they called Janessa Biller, a Tenant Representative Broker at JLL, she showed them a space that afternoon. “She was incredibly responsive, a great listener,” Mennona said.

ARM knew they needed to move, but they didn’t want to be in downtown Denver. Biller helped ARM determine that the Denver Tech Center would check off all the boxes of being central to the team as well as economical. With lower rates in the Denver Tech Center and the majority of their workforce located there, ARM began working with Biller to find the best solution for their rapidly expanding team.

Part of the challenge with finding their space was the rate their team was growing. Mennona said that during the search process, ARM had to expand their original space requirement. The increased square footage allowed ARM to explore more efficient space options so they could strategically accommodate for their rapidly growing team.

Biller secured ARM a space that also allowed the opportunity to be innovative and incorporate desired features into the buildout. Mennona knew his office needed to have an open feel, but still have private offices for meetings and phone calls. He also wanted it to have a bit of an industrial, tech space feeling – nothing “too vanilla.” Since some of the work they do is fintech, the space had to be sophisticated enough for visitors, but with a creative vibe. 

ARM was able to lease a space with tremendous mountain views and an abundance of natural light. ARM created an open work environment that was collaborative, efficient and in line with their team culture. ARM’s new space features an open work area, open plenum and brick accents. ARM was heavily involved in the design process to ensure the culture of their company was accurately displayed in the design, finish selection and fixtures in the space.

“It has certainly enabled a lot more collaboration; not just within teams, but across teams,” Mennona said of the new office. With multiple conference rooms, a huddle room, soft meeting areas and private offices, the space gives ARM plenty of opportunity to work together and support their mission.

“In addition to being incredibly responsive and reliable, Biller was very helpful in keeping the process moving, keeping us all grounded when negotiations or progresses slowed, and ultimately won the company an outstanding deal for a turn-key space designed to our specifications”, Mennona said. He added that she effectively took on the negotiations for space, cost and tenant improvements to get ARM the right space at the right price for their needs.

“As can be the case in any negotiation, there were times we were tempted to go another route. Janessa coached us through the process, and we are very happy with the final product”, Mennona said.

ARM’s corporate office is now located at 5975 S. Quebec Street in Suite 330.