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Our industry-leading Workplace & Occupancy Strategy practice helps our clients solve their space utilization and workplace strategy challenges. We observe, collect data, utilize industry-leading technology, provide insights and shape programs to help our clients develop engaging and satisfying experiences within their workplace. Our team features more than 650 occupancy planners across the globe helping clients achieve their workplace ambitions. Interested in joining us?

How we work

Take a look at how JLL Workplace Strategists and Occupancy Planners work with our clients.
Workplace planning & strategy

From workplace assessments to strategic planning, we develop a clear picture of where our clients are now and create a roadmap for the future. This process incorporates data, analytics, visioning & stakeholder interviews, and benchmarking to identify new ways a workplace can meet our clients’ business requirements.

Utilization & space management

Utilization has long been considered the holy grail in corporate real estate strategy. We take an end-to-end approach to solving the utilization challenge – and it starts with collecting and analyzing data from our client workplaces. Armed with utilization data, we derive meaningful insights to develop and implement workplace programs that increase utilization while improving employee engagement and satisfaction. 

JLL InSite

We developed an industry-leading service and tool which provides customized, code-compliant test-fits, 3D renderings and workplace programs. We develop future workplace renderings, mapping an overlay of build-out cost data, so clients can easily compare different locations, layouts and budgets before selecting their new workplace.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services

We combine our best-in-class technologies with industry-leading expertise to craft client site, building or campus drawings. Our team can create, maintain and update AutoCAD/Revit drawings that reflect as-built conditions.

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How your skills fit

The role of the workplace strategist/occupancy planner is pivotal in helping us shape the workplace strategy of our clients. Here are some of the skills and backgrounds that are key to a success transition.

Explore our insights

The needs of our clients are changing faster than their workplace can keep up, but fortunately, we’re here to help. By tracking utilization, we uncover valuable insights so workplace planners can spark real productivity. Explore our research to understand how our team helps clients with their space.  

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