Special notice: Recent fraud alerts

There has been an increase in online scams involving a fraudulent party extending job offers claiming to be a JLL employee and going as far as setting up fake interviews using online chat platforms and sending cashier’s checks to job seekers under the guise of outfitting a home office.

Recruiting Sites

The recent scams follow a pattern of job seekers posting their resumes to job boards like indeed.com, where they are then contacted by an individual who asks them to confirm their contact information before they will follow up with interview details.

Fraudulent email addresses

The most recent scams involve people receiving emails from non-JLL accounts claiming to be either indeed.com or JLL, often in the same message. The prospective applicant never receives an email from an email address ending in @am.jll.com, @eu.jll.com or @ap.jll.com.

Instead users have received emails from the following email addresses or headers:

  • Indeed Careers (hraccessinterview@gmail.com)
  • Indeed Careers (accessinterviewonlinehr@gmail.com)
  • Human Resources Department (hrinterview@accountant.com)
  • Raymond Hall (accessinterviewonlinehr3@gmail.com)
  • Raymond Hall (accessinterviewonlinehr2@gmail.com)
  • Raymond Hall (accessinterviewonline@gmail.com)
  • Skype ID (Live:.cid.60481ca8f1f03bdd)

Current background facts of fraud

The job seeker receives an email from the Gmail or other generic addresses claiming to be a human resources employee at JLL.  After the job seeker verifies their contact information, the scammer follows up with details to interview via Google Chats, extends an offer letter purportedly from the CFO of JLL (Stephanie Plaines), and then instructs the job seeker to provide a copy of their ID. This offer email takes several forms. One includes a list of equipment that will be delivered to the job seeker and that a JLL supervisor will interview the job seeker at delivery of the materials. In others, the scammer promises to send a check which the job seeker will need to cash and purchase the list of equipment from the approved vendor. For those who pursue this further, the scammer has sent a cashier’s check to purchase the materials. At no time are actual JLL email addresses provided. Instead, the scam asks for the job seeker to communicate via Skype.


Please be advised that JLL does not conduct candidate interviews via Google Chat or any other social media chat forum. In addition, all legitimate correspondence from JLL will have a JLL domain email address such as "@am.JLL.com."

If you believe you have received a fraudulent check, please consult with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) resources found here: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-spot-avoid-and-report-fake-check-scams

If you believe you may have been a victim of identity theft as a result of information provided to a scammer, please consult with the FTC resources here: https://www.identitytheft.gov/

New details

Should you believe you have received communications related to this scam but the details have changed from the above, please email fraud@am.jll.com with any new details so we may update this page with current information.