Chief Engineer credits team collaboration for career success

Peter Strasser shares his knowledge and experience to build up the next generation

September 26, 2022

Peter Strasser always envisioned himself working in a high-rise building, so it’s no surprise that his extensive training and on-site experience got him where he is today: Chief Engineer of 101 Montgomery in San Francisco, CA.

Peter got his first taste of commercial real estate hearing his mom share her day-to-day experiences working in property management. He remembers visiting the office with her, where he first encountered the engineers who operate these massive buildings.

After gaining hands-on experience helping his brother with plumbing jobs on the weekends, Peter was working as a utility operating engineer when he landed an apprenticeship at a biotech facility in South San Francisco that gave him a solid foundation. Before the final year of his apprenticeship ended, Peter accepted a job with JLL as a journeyman operating engineer, putting him exactly where he wanted to be – in a high-rise building. He immediately tackled the JLL technical training program to put himself in a position for success. 

To this day, Peter absorbs everything he can from his colleagues, and credits his team for the knowledge he’s picked up. “I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing chief engineers over the last 15 years who coached me and aided in my career progression,” Peter says.

To that end, Peter recognizes the significant impact his colleagues had on his career. His strong relationships are now the foundation of a network that connects various roles and locations to share advice and resources.

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“We have an open dialogue, and we pick each other's brains about how to best handle a new or challenging situation,” he says. A successful team comes together in stressful situations, and those shared experiences are what make JLL Property Management teams – and JLL – so successful.

Peter knows the value of collaboration and knowledge-sharing because he’s experienced it firsthand. A leader through and through, he can’t wait to pay it forward.

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