From Coordinator to Senior Associate: A true JLL success story

Employee story: Anne Marie Paintsil

October 10, 2023

Joining JLL right after college, Anne Marie had a thirst for knowledge and a profound desire to dive into the intricacies of the field. “At the time, I needed more knowledge about the intricacies of commercial real estate. I landed a position at JLL, and little did I know that this opportunity would shape my career trajectory. Initially starting in an administrative role, I swiftly transitioned into the role of a Brokerage Coordinator. As I immersed myself in the dynamic world of real estate, I was captivated by the people I encountered and the remarkable growth opportunities ahead. I now proudly serve as a Senior Associate in office leasing within JLL, a testament to the rewarding journey I have embarked upon since joining this esteemed organization.”

In her day-to-day, Paintsil works with building managers, owners, and investors to maximize their profit. Through methods such as market analysis and leveraging prevailing market conditions, she enables clients to optimize space utilization, reduce office vacancy rates, and unlock the full potential of their real estate investments.

Starting her brokerage career as a Brokerage Coordinator allowed Anne Marie to gain invaluable exposure to commercial real estate from various perspectives. Reflecting on this experience, she shares, “while my experiences before JLL were centered around learning and personal growth, it was in my role as a Brokerage Coordinator [where] I gained invaluable insights that have contributed to my success as a Broker. Working closely with seasoned brokers, I had the opportunity to observe and understand the intricacies of their day-to-day responsibilities.”

With her unwavering drive, the unwavering support of her teams, and the unparalleled career development resources at JLL, she was promoted to Associate, and then most recently Senior Associate, a testament to her exceptional achievements. She says, “throughout my journey at JLL, I have been fortunate to have crossed paths with several individuals who have profoundly impacted my career… shaping my trajectory and fostering a culture of growth and mentorship at JLL. Their guidance, support, and expertise have been instrumental in my success.”

Anne Marie receives the Rising Star Award

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Anne Marie's dedication and commitment have not gone unnoticed. She is the proud recipient of the Extra Mile Award for JLL National Agency Leasing. The prestigious award recognizes her commitment to going above and beyond in providing exceptional service to both clients and colleagues.

Anne Marie leaves us with this:

“If you're contemplating a job at JLL, let me tell you, it's an exceptional platform to immerse yourself in the realm of commercial real estate. The reputation and recognition that come with the JLL name provide a distinct advantage in a fiercely competitive market. What sets JLL apart is its esteemed brand, the plethora of opportunities for daily and on-site training, unwavering support for career development, and access to top-notch research resources. These invaluable assets are tailored to empower your growth and pave the way for professional success. At JLL, you'll find fertile ground to thrive, where your ambitions can take flight and your journey in the commercial real estate industry truly begins.”

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