What’s working for the workplace now?

How 3 companies put their office to work in the hybrid era


You don’t have to be known as an “office whisperer or “hybrid expert” to understand that the elusive “future of work” referred to in endless articles is already here.

It’s likely your company has (in some shape or form) already toyed with the idea of reinventing your real estate, investing in your office space as a tool for employee attraction and retention. It’s even more likely that your company understands that approaching your footprint as a competitive edge rather than a balance sheet line item will give companies like yours the ultimate flexibility in the future.

But you may not know precisely how successful companies are aligning their real estate strategies with their corporate objectives, addressing common workplace-related concerns.

We’ve rounded up three organizations that wanted to understand how hybrid could work for them and aimed to strike the right balance between flexibility and connection.

Each company had specific challenges:

  • A major non-profit needed more space to expand its mission and reduce annual rent.

  • With several leases set to expire, a media company created a custom calculator that would allow them to assess each office location quickly and decide whether to renew, relocate or reimagine space to support their staff.

  • An insurance company seized the opportunity to right-size its footprint and reimagine its workspaces to break down department silos.

Download the guide to see how these three companies embraced uncertainty to increase employee engagement, utilize space more effectively and design modern workplaces that fit the needs of their business and their people.

Download the guide:

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