Large floor plates are in shorter supply than smaller floor plates in San Francisco

February 11, 2019
  • The graph above shows the direct vacancy rate for buildings with floor plates larger than 30,000 square feet, smaller than 15,000 square feet, and the overall San Francisco market direct vacancy rate.
  • Pre-Q4 2014 large floor plate buildings had higher vacancy rates than smaller floor plate buildings.
    Starting in Q4 2014 there was a shift and the vacancy rates for large floor plate buildings drops below both small floor plate buildings and the overall vacancy rate.
  • Currently the vacancy rate for inventory with large floor plates is at 2.0% and small floor plate vacancy is 9.3%, comparing to overall vacancy of 6.0%.
  • This corresponds with the trend of increased large deal volume that has occurred over the last few years.

Source: JLL Research, 2010-2018

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