San Diego Venture Capital heats up through summer

San Diego sees another record quarter of capital funding with $1.2 billion invested

July 21, 2020
Annual venture capital by industry (billions)
Quick stats


  • San Diego has seen an immense amount of venture capital funding pour into the market, averaging $1.9 billion annually since 2015. 2020 is already on pace to exceed the previous record levels set in 2018 and 2019.

  • Since 2018, venture capital funding has totaled $6.8 billion. Q2 2020 continues this momentum with nearly $1.2B invested, which is the largest quarter on record with 93% of funding in life sciences ($875M) and tech ($244M). Q2 2020’s funding was up 42 percent year-over-year and up 88 percent quarter-over-quarter. Q2’s funding quarter has put 2020 in a solid position to set another new annual record for the market.

  • Venture capital has sparked real estate decisions and additional jobs, allowing companies to grow their overall footprint, especially for life sciences and technology firms. Over the last two years, life science companies who have leased spaced after acquiring funding, have averaged $61 million per round and leased 36,784 square feet within 105 days of receiving their capital.

  • Looking forward, capital investors appear confident in the San Diego innovation ecosystem. After just a few weeks into Q3 2020, VC funding has already produced six deals totaling over $250 million.