UC San Diego revitalizes high-tech and life sciences talent pool

San Diego’s largest university is a leader in the amount of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degrees

June 23, 2020
Total STEM bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees (2018)
  • The University of California, San Diego is the seventh largest university in the state of California, totaling 37,887 enrolled students. Of the total students enrolled, nearly 50 percent of the majors are comprised of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degrees. 

  • UC San Diego is a huge talent pool generator for the local defense, life sciences, and technology innovation ecosystem in San Diego. The concentration of STEM degrees in an innovation cluster is a critical component of success due to talent being difficult to acquire.

  • San Diego’s innovation hub has seen a significant surge in the last five-years, having a direct impact on the job market and office/industrial space. High tech jobs have increased by over 20 percent in that same span, and innovation companies have seen a total of 29 million s.f. of total leasing within industrial and office space throughout the market.

  • UC San Diego posts the greatest number of biosciences related degrees granted in the nation, totaling 2,356. The second largest is UC Davis with a total of 1,868 and then UCLA with 1,754. The top three colleges where students graduate with biosciences related degrees are all based in California, helping aid to the blooming life sciences clusters of San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area.