Portland’s economy humming along

September 25, 2018
  • Of the 50 largest metro economies in the country, Portland grew the 13th fastest in 2017. Portland’s GDP grew to $171.7 billion with real GDP growth of 3.0 percent, making the metro the 21st largest economy in the country.
  • Portland’s largest sector remains Manufacturing, contributing 22.8 percent to Portland’s GDP in 2017, 
    putting Portland second in the nation in terms of manufacturing’s share of total economic output out of the 50 largest metros.
  • The retail and wholesale trade sector contributed the most to Portland’s economic growth in 2017, accounting 
    for 20 percent of growth. While the arts, leisure and hospitality sector grew the fastest with real GDP growth of 
    6.0 percent.

Source: JLL Research, Bureau of Economic Analysis

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