Car-free in Philadelphia: for high income zip codes, the city ranks 8th nationally

For densely populated zip codes, where the average household income is over $90,000 per year and less than 70% of zip codes own an automobile

August 28, 2019
  • Looking at densely populated zip codes across the country, Philadelphia ranked 8th in terms of total zip codes where the average household income was above $90,000 per year and less than 70% of households owned or leased at least one automobile. The four zip codes in Philadelphia which fit this criteria were 19130 (Fairmount), 19147 (Queen Village and the Italian Market), 19123 (Northern Liberties) and 19146 (Graduate Hospital), all of which sit outside Center City. 
  • These neighborhoods offer ample transit options to Center City, along with grocery and retail options within walking distance for most of their residents. Focusing on the four zip codes that make up Market East and Market West in the CBD, the rate of households with cars is between 71 and 73 percent. 
  • However, we predict these numbers will decline as additional grocers and retailers locate within Center City, making it easier for residents to live without a car. Historically, Center City lacked ample retailers, making cars necessary for more residents; however, recent retail additions such as Target’s small-format stores, Giant at Riverwalk and MOM’s Organic Market make it easier to be car-free. 
  • With these new retail options, a plethora of ride-sharing and transportation options and total parking spaces declining as new developments swallow up parking lots and garages, Center City should expect to see more residents opting to go car-free. 

Source: JLL Research, ESRI

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