Looking for a place to settle down? Consider OC’s Irvine … one of the nation’s top 3 places to raise a family

The OC city made the top 3 best places to raise a family in WalletHub’s 2019 ranking

August 07, 2019
  • The OC city made the top 3 best places to raise a family in WalletHub’s 2019 ranking. WalletHub’s metrics consider essential family dynamics such as the quality of local schools and health-care systems, recreational opportunities and affordability. Irvine was able to score the top 3 spot behind Overland Park, KS and Fremont, CA. People are definitely taking notes as the city has had the strongest population growth in the county.
  • For the county as a whole, its aging population is a prominent demographic trend. The median age for the county increased from 33 in 2000 to 37.4 in 2019. Looking at Irvine alone, the median age in 2000 was also 33 but it has only increased to 35.5 in 2019. 
  • Since 2010, the county has added 213,643 people to its population, an overall growth of 7.1 percent. Irvine, Brea and Lake Forest have experienced the most rapid population growth rates between 2010 and 2019.
  • Irvine (68,085 new residents), Anaheim (23,131) and Huntington Beach (13,625) have added the most people to their population, together accounting for nearly 50 percent of the total county population gain during this period.
  • Irvine has experienced especially strong population growth in large part due to its central location in the county. Moreover, Irvine has established itself as a central business hub for the region and with its strong infrastructure, reputation as one of the nation’s safest cities and with one of the state’s top universities, University of California, Irvine, it will continue to attract top talent from around the country. 

Source: JLL Research, California Department of Finance, WalletHub

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