Minneapolis-St. Paul among top 15 destinations for relocation and moving in 2018

February 18, 2019
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul is now a top 15 destination for those who moved or relocated in 2018. These are the insights from, a technology platform that helps people handle the logistics of their move. Minneapolis ranked 13th and was in addition to Portland and Tampa as first-timers to the list. 
  • This prompts a look at just one of the reasons we believe Minneapolis-St. Paul is so attractive, and that is housing affordability. A quick compilation of Census income data and National Association of Realtor’s qualifying income required for a single-family home purchase with 5% down puts Minneapolis-St. Paul in second place behind Atlanta, GA. Minneapolis is also one of five markets where income still outpaces the qualifying income to purchase a home. 

Source: JLL Research,, National Association of Realtors, US Census

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