Los Angeles’s steep rents drive demand toward the Inland Empire

An interactive map of the Southern California rental housing market.

March 16, 2020
  • A few months ago, we reported that the quest for affordable housing to purchase in Los Angeles has forced many people to look toward the area’s least expensive markets for new housing opportunities. For potential home buyers, this includes areas in Central Los Angeles and communities throughout the Inland Empire where the demand for housing has driven significant home appreciation. As a follow up to that report, we applied a similar methodology to rent rates throughout the region.
  • At the regional level, we are seeing a similar story play out. Costal markets throughout Southern California remain expensive for renters, and the Inland Empire serves as the most affordable alternative within the region. Consequently, the IE has seen the steepest rent growth by market since 2016 in response to the growing demand for housing as Southern Californians continue to leave expensive costal communities for affordable inland opportunity. 


Source: JLL Research / Esri / Zillow