Los Angeles Millennials: where are they now?

Look back on our reporting of the concentration shifts between Baby boomers and Generation Z.

February 18, 2020
  • In 2015, JLL Research reported that despite Millennials’ tendency to concentrate in urban Los Angeles neighborhoods, many of these “trendy” neighborhoods were still maintaining comparably high concentrations of Baby Boomers. Santa Monica and Culver City, for instance, were both predominately Baby Boomer at the time. Since then, Millennials have taken over as the predominant generational group in each of these featured neighborhoods. Millennials in Hollywood and Playa Vista now outnumber Baby Boomers two to one while areas like Sant Monica and Culver City have flipped and are now predominately Millennial.
  • Much of this growth can be attributed to the passage of time. Now that the youngest Millennials are of working age, it stands to reason that many would chose to live closer to job clusters found within these communities. However, now that the youngest Millennials have entered a workforce with record low unemployment, it seems unlikely that their presence within these communities can grow much further. Instead, these neighborhoods are likely to see growth among the younger generation, Generation Z, now that the oldest among them are beginning to enter the workforce.


Source: JLL Research, ESRI