Over the last decade the Inland Empire has transformed into one of the nation’s largest industrial hubs

The Inland Empire has grown into an industrial powerhouse over the last 10 years as demand for warehouse space has increased exponentially drive by a boom in ecommerce.

June 01, 2021
  • Top tier retailers and distributors have flooded the Inland Empire given it’s rent discount to neighboring Los Angeles and it’s supply of big box warehouses.
  • The Inland Empire benefits from an availability of land that has allowed developers to respond to an overwhelming amount of demand for large warehouses. At current, the Inland Empire has the largest construction pipeline in the nation.
  • Despite the large development pipeline, vacancy rates across the Inland Empire have continued to drop as tenants are rushing to be in close proximity to the world's busiest port and dense Los Angeles consumer base. Demand has outpaced supply here which is allowing landlords to push rents, this is evidenced by rental rates more than doubling over the last 10 years.


Source: JLL Research