Rapid industrial growth in the Inland Empire is creating new opportunities

The industrial boom in the Inland Empire has had multiple positive effects on the region’s growth in population, jobs, and average household income.

January 27, 2020
  • The area has one of the highest concentrations of warehouse workers in the country and has created multiple job opportunities within the logistics and warehousing sectors. This growth has been felt throughout the area in other industries - construction is one of the industries that has had the most to gain. The Inland Empire has averaged around 19 million square feet of construction for the past several years, and this high demand for industrial product has created a litany of jobs within the sector. General construction workers have seen a 35% growth in available jobs in the area.
  • The total employment gains to the Inland Empire last year was 2.3%. This market is becoming a hub for young adults who are looking for more affordable housing than neighboring Los Angeles and Orange County. The area is buzzing with growth and new development in cities that were bleeding post-recession. There seems to be a correlation between growth and industrial development to the region. This year is expected to see more growth across the board in the Inland Empire.

Source: JLL Research