Inland Empire agricultural to industrial hub

February 11, 2019
  • Ontario could be considered the center of gravity of Inland Empire’s industrial market and also a prime example of how the logistics sector has transformed the region during the past several decades. Thirty years ago, dairy farms, citrus groves and other agricultural uses dominated the landscape. Now high-density industrial development covers much of Ontario—exhibited by the time lapse video above—concentrated near Ontario International Airport, which serves as a major hub for freight.
  • The Inland Empire industrial market has grown, on average, by 20 million square feet annually during the past five years. With the advent of e-commerce and the ever-increasing demand from consumers to receive goods in a timely manner, the Inland Empire has emerged as an ideally located hub: it is situated within an hour of the ports and the second largest metropolitan area in the country to the east and a gateway to the surrounding southwestern US to the west. 

Source: JLL Research, Time

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