Confidence in Modular Construction Continues to Grow as Buildings Reach Record Heights

February 18, 2019
  • Use of modular construction has grown steadily over the past four years, and is poised to take off in 2019. In a recent survey by USG and the US Chamber of Commerce, 67 percent of contractors reported that they expect modular construction use to increase in the next three years, while no contractors expect use to decline.
  • The growth in modular construction has been driven by two distinct use cases. The most common is using a specific modular element as one piece of a larger construction project, often as the exterior walls. The second use case is a full modular building, a trend most commonly seen in hospitality and healthcare. While fully modular buildings are often low-to-mid rise, one of the tallest to date is a 44-story multifamily building being built in London by Tide Construction. For more information on modular and other construction trends, check out JLL’s 2019 Construction Outlook Report.

Sources: JLL Research, US Chamber, USG Corp, Modular Building Institute 

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