Chicago: Innovation drives decision to downtown

February 18, 2019
  • Competition for highly-skilled tech workers is fierce as every company is forced to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of how businesses run because “every company is a tech company.” A study done by CapGemini and TechCrunch saw that “nearly 40% of the largest companies by revenue have established innovation centers because of the need to constantly innovate alongside emerging technologies in order to maintain their spot as market leaders.”
  • Suburban corporations like Alight and Allstate are tapping into the downtown talent pool by opening collaborative partnerships with the popular incubator 1871 to accelerate tech development and employ software engineers to solve complex issues alongside some of Chicago’s most innovative thinkers. Each year, Buffalo Grove-based Siemens commits over $20 million to tech development and in 2017, opened a dedicated R&D facility in Chicago.
  • Although Chicago was passed up by Apple and Amazon for high profile expansions, technology market leaders like Google, Salesforce, and Facebook see the value in Chicago’s talent; it is important that our business and education system continues to produce world class talent and technology.

Source: TechCrunch, CapGemini, JLL Research

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