VC Funding helps create Fintech Hub in Charlotte

More Fintech funding in 2020 year to date than the last four years combined

August 17, 2020
Venture Capital funding by region
Venture Capital funding 2016-2020


  • Over the past 5 years Charlotte has become a major destination for Venture Capital attracted to the nascent Fintech Industry and others.

  • Fintech growth has been fueled by capital and access to the labor expertise of the second largest financial hub in the United States.

  • AvidXchange leads the region in funding and has pulled in over $400B since 2016.

  • Charlotte grown MapAnything attracted $76M in funding before being acquired by in 2019.

  • Among the regions of North & South Carolina, Charlotte has seen it’s share of venture capital rise.  VC Funding in 2020 YTD has increased by 195% and accounted for 61% of all funding coming into both states this year.