Working from home in Charlotte, the new existing norm

An exploration of the work from home landscape in the Charlotte Metro region

July 13, 2020
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  • 5.9% of all workers in the Charlotte metro worked remotely according Census Bureau data.

  • Charlotte’s work from home (WFH) rate is 1.0% higher than the national average.

  • WFH rates are heightened by presence of financial and technology industries that were already set-up for WFH pre-COVID shutdown.

  • WFH rates highest in South Charlotte and Lake Norman communities.

  • High correlation between WFH rates, Median Household Income, and rate of White Collar Occupations.

  • WFH also highly concentrated in areas with densest office clusters (12% of Uptown residents work remotely, 14% of Ballantyne residents work remotely)

  • Work for home was part of the Charlotte economy before COVID and will remain part of the regional economy after COVID.

  • Employees will continue to balance WFH with in person office visits keeping demand for office space balanced.