How Generation-Z employees will change Charlotte’s approach to work

Making up roughly 20% of the world’s population, Generation Z is the first true digital generation.

February 11, 2020


  • Studies have shown that Gen Z is marked by the search for and expression of truth, consumption based on an expression of identity and ethical concern, and a unique quest for more dialogue and less confrontation.  Being exposed to the Internet and social networks since early youth, generational shifts will play a central role as Gen Z enters the workforce.
  • Born in 1995 and later, the oldest members of Gen Z are 23 years old and now entering the workplace. Gen Z’ers note that one-on-one interaction with their managers is how they stay engaged, ranking human interaction at work as a top priority in a perspective job and company culture. On trend with their millennial counterparts, Gen Z’ers often desire weekly, if not daily, interactions with their boss.  Because of this generation’s digital nature, they are expected to pick up on technical aspects of jobs more quickly, but may require additional training in customer-facing roles. 
  • When marketing products and employment to Gen Z’ers, companies need to focus on interactive design and graphics, websites that are mobile-viewing friendly, and focus on social media platforms when seeking connections.


Source: JLL Research