Charleston: Where they’re coming from & where they’re going

Tracking population migration

August 03, 2020
Net migrants | In-migration (2018) 
Net migrants | Out-migration (2018)
  • Similar to other regions in the Carolinas, the Charleston region has seen a continued influx of new residents leaving the Northeast.

  • New York and the Tri-State Region lost the most residents to the Charleston metro (883) followed by DC & Baltimore (664 combined).

  • Charleston continued to see an inflow of new residents from South Florida due to its lower cost of living and Coastal lifestyle.

  • Out migration from Charleston comes from migration to Upstate South Carolina (Greenville) and Naval relocations to other East Coast hubs such as Norfolk, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

  • Charleston also lost residents to the neighboring Orangeburg metro. Neighbor out-migration was driven by the search for lower cost housing with continued access to the jobs of the Charleston region.