Metro Boston has the 2nd-youngest tech workforce in the country

Among the country’s 30-most largest tech markets, Boston has the 2nd-highest share of workers under the age of 34, with 37.9 percent.

February 25, 2020


  • Only San Francisco at 41.5 percent was higher
  • In 2018, Boston had the 9th-highest count of tech workers in the country, with 132,130 tech workers across the metro. This is an increase of 14.1 percent over the past 10 years.
  • At $96,460 the median wage for a tech worker in Boston is 8th-highest in the country, slightly below the likes of Baltimore and San Diego. It is also a 10% discount to Washington, DC, a 17% discount to Seattle, a 21% discount to San Francisco, and a 28% discount to Silicon Valley tech wages.
  • Boston Metro graduated over 9,100 students from tech academic programs in 2018, the 4th-highest in the country.


Source: OES Data, EMSI,, JLL Research