Where do software engineers live in Boston?

There are nearly 60,000 software engineers living and working in the Boston region, a 33% increase since 2009.

February 18, 2020
  • Software engineering employment clusters are found in employment-dense areas of the urban core like Boston and Cambridge as well as in the suburban fortress markets along I95/Route 128 like Waltham, Woburn and Burlington and to a lesser extent along I495.
  • While 30% of software engineering jobs are found in Boston and Cambridge, only 8% of this highly-sought after workforce live there. Instead, engineers more distributed within the region, with a relatively higher concentration north and northwest of the urban core. For employers looking to capture this talent, there isn’t a single “optimal” location; rather employers should focus on locations that are accessible to these areas and offer employees choice in how they commute to work. 


Source: EBMI, JLL Research