Outside of the CBD, fortress market remains economic powerhouse

September 14, 2018
  • Outside of the Boston CBD, the “Fortress Market”, defined as the cluster along I-95 and Route 128 from Needham to Woburn, continues to be a economic powerhouse producing both a high number of jobs and high-paying jobs in the Professional and Business Services sector.
  • The municipalities of Waltham, Lexington, and Burlington, stand out with some of the highest average monthly employment and highest weekly wages in this sector.
  • Municipalities like Bedford and Lincoln, though with lower employment in this sector relatively speaking, nevertheless offer some of the highest wages in the region.
  • As housing costs continue to rise around the CBD and younger professionals are increasingly drawn to this area for the economic opportunities and more affordable housing, the Fortress Market is poised for growth.

Source: Mass. Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

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