Going back to school & work won’t be easy in Dallas / Fort Worth

Many parents are still working from home as schools begin with remote or hybrid arrangements

September 14, 2020
Population of children in Dallas / Fort Worth by age



  • Every family will have its own unique experience and different challenges as remote and in-person learning takes place as companies start to bring more people back to the office.

  • Currently, Dallas and Fort Worth ISDs are remote while Arlington, Frisco and Garland have a hybrid or option for remote or in-person learning. It varies across the metroplex and many changes have been made since school started.

  • Parents of children under 5 are facing their own challenges with remote work. Some parents are home full time with no indication of going back into the office, while some companies are pushing for employees to come back into the office part-time. Many parents question if they should be sending their children to daycare, hire in house help or do it themselves.

  • More than 85,000 children live in poverty in DFW. Many live in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington ISDs. Parents of these children will have challenges staying home with younger children (less than 5) since many have jobs that require them to work away from the house and cannot afford childcare.

  • Low-income families with older children will face issues with limited technology access. Schools are trying to provide laptop, iPads and wifi hotspots but anything more than that could be scarce for these families.

  • There are nearly 2 million children under the age of 18 in DFW that will be going back to school or need full time supervision. It won’t be easy for working parents, but flexibility will be key during the interim.