What a difference a decade can make! Indy dock count shows emergence of new hot spots

The Indianapolis industrial market has been on a record-setting run recently in terms of construction completions.

February 25, 2020
  • 26.9 million square feet has delivered since 2017 while an additional 13.2 million square feet remain in development. But what if we looked at the number of docks delivered? By looking at the heat maps of dock door concentration, we can see what areas of Indianapolis have emerged as industrial hot spots over the past decade.
  • Plainfield further established itself as the epicenter of Indy industrial activity branching out further and with greater intensity. Several new areas also emerged in the past decade. Whitestown, Monrovia, Greenwood, and Mount Comfort now feature greater dock density and have extended the market beyond just the I-465 loop.
  • But why does dock count matter? With the rise of e-commerce there is less emphasis on warehouse size. Now, how quickly goods get into the warehouse and back out to the consumer is key. Our inaugural Midwest and Great Lakes Industrial Dock Door Report takes a look at this as well as the impact it has had across the region.  


Source: JLL Research