Georgia’s job openings up 23% since last year

Job postings across the state of Georgia have decreased by 5% in April

June 07, 2021
Georgia:  414, 177 postings | -5% month over month | 23% from last year

Map:  % change month over month

Job postings across the state of Georgia have decreased by 5% this month, according to Emsi (Economic Modeling Specialists International), a comprehensive database of labor market data. Compared to the other Sunbelt states, Georgia and North Carolina have not experienced as sharp of a decline in job postings this month. However, Georgia has a 23% increase in active postings year-over-year, reflecting businesses resuming  operations at the end of the COVID-19 recession.

April 2021 saw the highest levels of unique postings since August 2019 as companies seek to fortify their workforce in preparation for economic recovery. The steady increase in job postings indicate future increased demand for office space as postings turn into completions. 


Amazon and Walmart are the top companies hiring stockers and order fillers in Georgia, resulting in a drastic 47% increase in postings since last year. Software developers have also seen a 36% increase in requisitions since last year, primarily due to Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.