Orange County: An emerging tech hub

Though its tech roots run deeper than you might think.

Market overview

Orange County tech ecosystem is growing and pushing the market’s status as an emerging tech hub. The highly skilled and educated workforce is a major driver attracting both startup and established tech companies to the market. Compared to other west coast spots, the OC enjoys strong cost savings in real estate and company expenses, adding to the draw.

Centrally located in Southern California, firms in Orange County also attract employees from nearby Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

While still considered emerging, Orange County’s tech roots run deep with companies that have long-standing history in the market, like Broadcom and Blizzard – both who’ve accounted for numerous spinoffs. All this and more has empowered Orange County to become a pivotal market for Gaming, Software, Cybersecurity, and Engineering. The abundance of amenities makes for a high quality of life for both young professionals and established families.

Numbers to watch

The highly skilled labor pool makes this market a top draw.

  • 45.6% - The population over 25 with an Associates degree or higher
  • 40.0% - The population over 25 with a Bachelors degree or higher
  • 24.5% - The share of Bachelors degrees that are STEM degrees
  • 10.2% - The population over 25 with a STEM degree

Top lease transactions (2017)

1. 400 Spectrum Center

  • Submarket: Irvine Spectrum
  • Size: 133,324 s.f.
  • Type: New

2. 6501 Irvine Center

  • Submarket: Irvine Spectrum
  • Size: 60,000 s.f.
  • Type: Renewal/Expansion

3. 575 Anton

  • Submarket: Costa Mesa
  • Size: 38,875 s.f.
  • Type: Relocation/Expansion

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