Let’s take it

Since COVID-19 hit the world, that is exactly what malls have been doing – “taking it outside”–to the parking lots. Many have been very successful and boosting the bottom line as a result.

From making Happy Place, an outdoor drive through experience, drive-through holiday light events, tenants renting a parking space for curbside pick-up or hosting the Smile Bus for a few days.

So, how do we re-think and pivot with all the businesses who are trying to figure out how to remain relevant? By bringing forward every opportunity and vetting through all the possibilities. By asking – why not, what if, or how can we make this work? It takes creativeness and innovation. How do we develop this in ourselves? Challenge/question your own assumptions – don’t assume it won’t get approved or that it won’t work. Involve your team for input and suggestions. Embrace ambiguity – be open to possibilities. Change your perspective. Share your passion and willingness to change. Take risks. It’s okay to fail – that is how we learn and build our resilience. Persistence and productive follow-up could lead to repeat business.