Improving Business Performance through More Meaningful Human Performance

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Research Report

What’s the difference between employee experience and human experience (HX)?

HX is about how we as human beings relate to our world of work. Employee experience, which is more from the vantage point of the corporation, considers the employee relationship more of a contractual obligation.

Why does HX matter? While competitive salaries and generous benefits play a role in attracting and retaining the top talent organizations need to stay competitive, these benefits only go so far. 83% of executives believe a more attractive, flexible work environment is essential to acquiring the talent they need, while 57% of executives rate HX as a top priority.

How can you deliver the experiences that employees need to help your business succeed? Start by downloading and reading this new report created by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by JLL, to learn:

  • Where organizations are investing to improve HX
  • How organizations have benefitted as a result of investing more in HX
  • What barriers hinder organizations from improving HX
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