Global Perspectives: Retail Trends in

Discover the latest trends impacting Shanghai’s retail markets and learn how they are adjusting in new and interesting ways

Category Trends in Shanghai

As Shanghai gets increased access to vaccines, more regions are opening back up with creative solutions for retailers to meet shoppers closer to home. What can other markets learn from China’s adaptability to meet consumers when they prefer to shop?

Charlotte Elstob, SVP of Global Business Development at JLL, meets with Michael Ball, Director of Retail and Jemmy Fei, Sr. Director of Retail in Shanghai, to discuss the latest retail and category trends. Listen in as they discuss the Chinese marketplace and latest consumer behaviors driving retail. 

State of Retail in Shanghai

The Global Retail Conversations series focuses on the latest trends impacting retail markets worldwide. Each country edition of the series includes two episodes: The State of Retail and Category Trends. The State of Retail reviews factors impacting each countries retail economy and how they are adapting to the changes. Category Trends reviews the latest trends in their market and the innovative ways retailers are modifying the ways they connect with shoppers.