Focus on insight, not hindsight

How to solve the complicated task of data management

Let’s be realistic: Data management is complicated. We’re facing the exponential growth of emerging technology such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning and robotics – as well as the tremendous amount of data they create. The greatest challenge for any company today is creating market differentiation and gaining a competitive advantage with innovative applications of data analytics.

In the video below, Ho Chun Ho, JLL’s Global Head of Data Governance and Management, dissects the complicated nature of data management in this segment from JLL Live at DisruptCRE. Take a look:

Additionally, Chandra Sekhar, JLL’s Americas Director of Innovation, also joined JLL Live to discuss the technological innovations that will alter the course of the workplace. Watch as he describes the AI tools that can process weeks-long projects in just seconds:

What’s the key to informative data analysis? Focusing on insight rather than hindsight. Only then can companies successfully make the right data available at the right time, in the right form, to the right users.

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