Create a baseline and benchmarks for your sustainability program

Download this checklist to start setting realistic sustainability goals

It might not be the sexiest part of an organization's sustainability program but creating a baseline and benchmarking across your real estate portfolio and against your peers is the most critical foundational step. And with the proposed SEC regulations, measuring and reporting on annual GHG emissions could soon be a requirement. Before you set your real estate targets, you must create a baseline to determine where you are now—and then compare those results against those of your peers and the latest best-in-class sustainability standards.

Whether pursuing science-based targets or a net-zero commitment, it is important to factor in your corporate real estate portfolio in your pathway to reducing carbon emissions. Knowing what and how to measure is critical to meeting your sustainability goals on or ahead of schedule. Follow the steps below to identify your organization’s sustainability starting point and begin benchmarking your operations today.

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