Boston Consulting Group finds a unique location for its Los Angeles headquarters

When Boston Consulting Group, titans of the management consulting industry, was looking to plant their West Coast HQ in Los Angeles, their ideal space wasn’t on the market. In fact, it didn’t exist.

The firm envisioned an industrial building in the amenities-rich center of Downtown. They hoped to have an office that might indicate the company’s prestige—BCG is notably one of the largest, most profitable management consultancies in the world—while also providing a comfortable, creative atmosphere for the firm’s clients and employees. Clearly, the ambitions were high from the start.

“Giving them a space that’s more comfortable was really important,” explains Fara Lundin, Administrative Services Manager at BCG. “We wanted to bring them in with an amazing view. We wanted to have great amenities in the building as well as in Downtown. We wanted it to have a really high-class feel while still being welcoming and inviting.”

The firm had many ideas for their ideal office. They dreamed of an open space with natural light, greenery, and easy access to the open air. BCG’s vision was crystal clear, and, teaming up with JLL, they quickly set out on a no-compromises mission to achieve their ambitions.

After presenting numerous developers with the challenge of finding and redeveloping a 50,000 square-foot space in the heart of Downtown, they eventually found a friend in Commonwealth Partners, who shared BCG’s vision of transfiguring a traditional office space into a modern, vibrant, and creative work center. The space on which they settled was no less out-of-the-box than BCG’s vision: two floors of industrial-like shell space at the top of a high-rise.

The process of turning what was essentially storage space into a modern West Coast HQ required great foresight on the part of BCG. The top floor had been built into the infrastructure of the building, acting as nothing more than a repository for unwanted HVAC equipment. The other floor had been an active office in the 1950s, but its windowless, old-fashioned atmosphere was just about the opposite of BCG’s vision.

However, the daunting challenge that laid before them did not sway their ambitions, and it wasn’t long before BCG’s vision began to take shape. After much creative development, the space soon boasted 60-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, an open-air terrace, mezzanine space, and a skylight—the first ever skylight on a high-rise in Downtown, Los Angeles. In the words of JLL’s Darren Eades, “Essentially, we built a building on top of a high-rise building.”

Today, BCG’s new space stands as a shining example of the new developments occurring throughout the changing offices of Downtown Los Angeles. In such a short amount of time, LA has become a representation of the changing trends in development, marking an emphasis on creativity, comfort, and collaboration. BCG’s development project proves that such feats of innovation require nothing more than clear vision and unceasing ambition.

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