Operational resilience a key focus as companies adapt to a 'new normal'

Global Market Perspective, May 2020

Operational resilience will be crucial to recover from the outbreak. We anticipate that businesses will not go back to normal as we knew it before the outbreak, but will reinvent themselves to be more resilient, adapting their operational models to the 'next normal'. The client experience journey include 'Re-entry' and 'Reimagination', 'Implementation' and 'Flourish' in the Enterprise of the Future and a new workplace of the future.

Both occupiers and landlords have put in place assets and people protection measures to contain the effect of the outbreak through closing facilities (fully or partially), supporting business continuity through alternative ways of working (homeworking, remote working, alternative sites, shift work), ensuring business continuity (and maintaining as far as possible productivity levels) and monitoring the stability of their supply chain. The situation is rapidly changing, and the 're-entry' stage will focus on: 

  • (re)activate space: Addressing how and when people should begin to return to space, and how space is structured and used once ready for re-entry, while balancing health, safety and financial implications.
  • (re)spect health and wellness: Ensuring the safety, security and health of employees, tenants and visitors.
  • (re)vitalize property and workplace operations: Preparing properties and workspaces for safe and productive reentry in adherence with new business and social protocols, as well as government guidelines and requirements.

The 're-set' will lay the groundwork for reimagining the new workplace as a distributed ecosystem model.