JLL Facilities Health Check

Is your facilities management team fit to deliver an exceptional campus experience?

September 29, 2019

Your facilities management team is critical to ensuring that your campus projects a positive image of your institution. Yet even if your facilities appear to be clean and well-managed, deferred maintenance may be mounting behind the façade. And, your team may be challenged by competing priorities and outdated practices. Just as you might schedule a health check-up to screen your cholesterol and blood pressure, it’s helpful to periodically check the health of your facilities management organization.

JLL Facilities Health Check provides an unbiased assessment of your organization and identifies ways to improve performance, helping your facilities management team to perform at their peak. What we examine: Organizational health indicators. We’ll provide a comprehensive assessment of the following areas:

Context of the organization

What are the overall expectations for facilities management on your campus? Is the team facing new pressures and challenges?


Does your team have the right skills sets and is it the right size? Do team members communicate effectively?


What is the master plan for your facilities? Does it address all the risks and opportunities that lie ahead?


Do you have a solid pipeline for recruiting new facility managers, and the right recognition and training programs to help retain current staff?


Are your facilities and equipment up to standards?

Performance evaluation

What key performance indicators (KPIs) does your team use to assess performance?


Is your team committed to continuous improvement?

What you’ll receive: A prescription for more effective facilities management

Following our in-depth review, we’ll prepare a custom report outlining our findings and recommendations prioritized by anticipated return on investment. Through this comprehensive assessment, you’ll know whether your facilities management team is fit to deliver an exceptional campus experience that helps attract and retain students.