En vogue: North America's emerging retail hotspots

Every city has its prime retail destinations – the places where locals and tourists flock to eat out and buy the latest fashions from a wide range of brands.

June 23, 2017

Indeed, they have a special place within the retail sector. “With consumers more distracted than ever, there are fewer platforms through which mainstream retailers can communicate to large numbers of people,” says James Cook, Director of Retail Research, JLL. “Prime urban corridors are unique hotspots of the highest demand, and that continued demand makes the properties within them sensible for long-term investments and leases.”

Many big U.S. cities have more than one district, some of which will be established and some of which are emerging. “Whether it’s New York’s Meatpacking District or San Francisco’s Hayes Valley these emerging prime urban corridors have more local retailers and restaurants and feature a growing number of national brands,” adds Cook.

Check out the slideshow to find out more about some of the rapidly evolving urban corridors in North America’s biggest cities.