Retail development

Is your property market-ready? Sitting on a prime opportunity or a new vision of grandeur? Gain a competitive edge.

How we


Create value by re-purposing dysfunctional real estate, finding better uses for dormant faltering spaces, or whatever redevelopment ambition you hope to achieve.

Ground-up development

Outsource the public approval process, coordination with municipalities, land planning consultations, feasibility analysis and financial modeling needed to get your new development's vision and strategy off the ground.

Store repurposing and repositioning

Free up capital tied to real estate, and use it to reimagine your existing stores with redefined use of owned and operated spaces, and special attention to customer experiences throughout site selection, consolidation, re-tenanting and merchandising processes.

Construction Management

Ensure safety and quality planning from the start to avoid risks, overruns and setbacks. Construct more than a space - create an experience.

Tenant Coordination

Secure additional revenue for your property with temporary occupancy for your in-line spaces, common area units and vending area. Generate ancillary income with sponsorships, sampling, traffic-generating events and advertising.

Mixed-Use Solutions

The collaborative integration of multiple uses in a single unified development requires the collective effort from a well-organized group of professionals. JLL has the experts and experience to deliver a successful project.

Big Box Solutions

Reach your ambitions with superior local market focus and expertise to proactively reinvent your big box space. Re-envision your major vacancy for the next phase of your center’s life cycle. There is no one answer for these box vacancies; let us help you find the answer.



Rosedale Center

At Rosedale Center, JLL created space into a multi-purpose lifestyle village with uses and connectivity that are new to the market.

Manhattan Village

Coastal living at its best: Manhattan Village is a place where customers gather, socialize and embrace the charm of Manhattan Beach.

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