Pushpa Gowda

Pushpa Gowda

EVP- Global Technology Engagement

Current responsibilities
Pushpa Gowda is the Global Technology Engagement Director for JLL Technologies. In her current role, Pushpa raises awareness of and promotes new and existing technology through PR, communications, tech showcases and education to accelerate sales processes, win more business and increase productivity for the firm.

Pushpa has over 25 years of experience in this industry with a focus on employees’ technology experience, sales operations and strategic planning.

In addition to her Global Technology role, she has been a leader in the JLL Business Resource Groups since 2015 when she became Chair of the Americas Women’s Business Network. In 2018 she helped launch the GenAll intergenerational resource group and currently is a leader for JLL Technologies’ global DEI efforts. Outside of JLL, she is also a member of Chief, a network focused on women executive leaders.

Originally from Boston, Pushpa has spent time in Barbados and now lives in Miami. She received her MBA from Bentley College and her BA from Tufts University.