Mekonnen Tekle

Mekonnen Tekle

Vice President, Brokerage

Mekonnen Tekle

Director, Lease Audit and Advisory Group

Current Responsibilities

Mr. Tekle leads the Lease Audit and Advisory Practice Group.  The group performs desktop and field audits of operating and other pass-thru expenses on behalf of tenants.  In 2011, he recovered more than $2 million on behalf of tenants, who also realized more than $4 million in future savings as a result of the audits.


  • Lease Audits
  • Lease Administration

Years of Experience



Mr. Tekle has 10 years of real estate experience, focusing the last 7 years on performing commercial lease audits for over 200 clients in the Washington, DC area.  His understanding of pass-thru expenses and the commercial real estate market gives him the unique ability to provide clients with the highest level of financial services.
Prior to joining Jones Lang LaSalle, Mr. Tekle was the Director of Finance & Lease Compliance of a Washington, DC commercial real estate firm where he performed lease audits, compiled several types of analyses including lease and/or purchase models, and provided lease administration for clients.

Key Audits

• Recovered over $1.2 million combined for three related nonprofit organizations in Washington, DC in 2008
• Recovered over $1 million for a 24,000 SF Washington, DC association in 2008
• Recovered over $110,000 for a 12,000 SF Washington, DC law firm in 2009
• Recovered over $100,000 in savings for an 8,000 SF Washington, DC association in 2011
• Recovered over $60,000 for a Washington, DC nonprofit organization in 2011
• Recovered over $40,000 for a Virginia nonprofit organization in 2012


2008 Employee of the Year


Mekonnen received his bachelor of science degree in Finance from Virginia Tech and is a certified public accountant.