Kien Tsoi

Kien Tsoi

Vice President

Current Responsibilities:

Kien is one of the lead retail brokers for JLL tenant representation group.


Kien has been involved with commercial real estate since 2004 working in construction and development and then transitioned to retail brokerage in 2009.

Kien is has crafted a unique set of skills influential to tenant representation. His creation of “Real Estate Forensics” is a combination of analytical forecasting, utilizing of GIS, and property profile sleuthing. This unique skill set allows Kien to find recluse property owners and connecting with them for opportunities. His due diligence allows his clients opportunities to off market properties in constrained “high barrier of entry” markets. His hands-on approach to dirt digging for opportunities is what Kien excels at. Using programs and researching title and underlying docs with combination of aerial mapping allows Kien to pinpoint and target properties that fit his clients’ criteria. Using new age data and his understanding of psychographics sets Kien apart from others using the traditional 1/3/5-mile demos. Cell phone data, vehicle GPS & diagnostics, cloud tracking, credit card sales & receipts, cash less services like Venmo and ride share data sets are the new frontier that Kien is focused on to assist in consumer shopping predictions, “Predictive Psychographics”.

In 2012, Kien joined Wilson Commercial, a boutique retail brokerage. He was brought in to help expand Wilson’s tenant representation business, focusing on small and large box retailers. Kien and the team at Wilson Commercial has done and advised on over 290 stores for Dollar Tree since 2009, about 25-30 stores annually. During his leadership, the company has greatly expanded its tenant representation business by bringing in a number of regional and national retailers and expanding its overall capabilities. In 2015, Wilson Commercial was acquired by JLL, one of the largest commercial real estate brokerage companies in the world, to strengthen its retail presence in Southern California. Kien continues as one of the lead retail tenant brokers in the market.

During his career, Kien has handled retail leasing/sales of over a million and a half square feet of space with tenant representation of national brands and independently owned businesses.

Education and Affiliations:

Kien has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Law & Society from UCSB and a former union carpenter/framer. He is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, an international retail real estate organization and a participant of ICSC Next Generation.

2016 & 17 - CoStar Power Broker, 2015 16 & 17 - JLL Top Five LA Producer, 2016 - JLL Mega Deal Winner.