Navigating property taxes

It’s important for you to get the most accurate tax assessment possible.

Property taxes are one of your commercial property asset’s most significant operating expenses, so how do you ensure you have all areas of your investment covered?

JLL’s official property tax guide provides the answers and details you need to navigate commercial property taxes for increased confidence in your investment.

Common questions about property taxes - answered

How do I understand the tax implications on a commercial property purchase?
  • Determine future property tax liability after buying an asset
  • Calculate the property tax rate in a particular jurisdiction
  • Include property taxes in your annual budget plans

How do I determine if a property is being given a fair and equitable tax assessment?

  • Learn what’s included in your taxing jurisdiction form
  • Understand how your taxable value is calculated

What should I expect during the commercial property tax process?
  • Filing a lawsuit if you disagree with your property assessors' valuation
  • Understand how assessors determine the market value of your property
  • Why it pays to hire a tax expert


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